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FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018

During the period of the World Cup in Russia, 14 June – 15 July 2018, applicants may apply for a Fan ID to get visa free access to Russia. Applicants must purchase a ticket for at least 1 football match from a FIFA official website and then apply for a Fan ID at Once your ID arrived via post, you’re good to go. Enquire Now

Humanitarian visa

For applicants who are taking part in cultural or sports events. This visa is required in case you wish to enter Russia for cultural purposes, entering competitions, taking part in art or science related events etc. Enquire Now

Family members of Russia citizens

This Visa for applicants who have Russian family members or a spouse of Russian Citizenship that want to freely visit Russia on a regular basis. Note, the applicant needs to be a permeant residents of the United Kingdom. Enquire Now

Business Visa

For conducting general business activity in Russia without carrying out any paid work. (meetings, interviews, viewings etc) Applicants will need a legal invitation issued by the General Directorate of Migration for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Note, that you are not allowed to work with this visa and is generally short term. Enquire Now

Highly Skilled Migrants Visa

Special work visa for applicants who gained employment with a salary of over one millions rubbles. This type of visa is granted for three years and allows to include family members for getting visa. Enquire Now

Work Visa

For long or short term work in Russia. A general visa for applicants who either have a job offer or wish to open a new business premises. Note, for a job offer, the Employer will need permission to employ a non Russian citizen from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Enquire Now

Student Visa

Long or short term. Applicants need and official invitation from a Russian University or College proving you placement to study. Note, that you need to do a Medial exam. Enquire Now

Private Visa

For visiting and staying with friends or family. You will need an official invitation letter from your host and if not currently employed, a bank statement. Enquire Now

Tourist Visa

For holiday and pleasure purposes. Please note for this visa, you will need an official letter of invitation from the hotel you’re staying at. Enquire Now


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