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Terms and Conditions

TransferMe is a trading name for Transfer Me Relocation Ltd, Company registered in England and Wales, Registration number 11191995
Our Terms and Conditions will apply every time you visit our website,, no matter how and/or where you access the website from.

Our Delivery Policy

Once you sign an agreement TransferMe will offer you a rename of payment options to do which include Bank transfer and an online payment using our secure payment method. Once our Visa Consultants accept your case they will contact you to confirm all details regarding your case with you and make sure to review your case history and immigration correctly. We will make sure that our Visa Consultants will contact you immediately or within 48 hours to provide all information regarding supporting documents for your case. You will be contacted by them either face to face, on a telephone call, or via email.


  • TransferMe will review your information you submitted against the qualifying criteria of the visa
  • Our Case Workers will discuss, advice and agree with you regarding supporting documents required to submit to us for submission of your application
  • Our Team will review you documents to ensure that they are correct and meet the government criteria
  • Our Team will either complete and submit your application on your behalf or provide an application to be submitted by you, whichever is required by the government
  • TransferMe will ensure that it will provide with advice, support and assistance needed throughout the process
  • TransferMe will ensure that you will be contacted immediately or within 48 hours after you submitted a request.

Refund Policy

TransferMe provide a high stand services to our clients and operates a fair purchase police. We understand and accept the fact that TransferMe might to refund a client back in full for any amount paid to us. Note, that we do not refund money that were paid to any third parties.

TransferMe shall refund in the following circumstances.

1. TransferMe Visa Consultant gave wrong advice regarding the visa application that led to a negative decision.
2. TransferMe team provided wrong documents in support to visa application that led to a negative decision.

The customer confirms that before making any purchase of the service from TransferMe he has read and understood you terms and conditions. TransferMe will send terms and conditions via email to the customer to read and sign. If the customer has any issues with our terms and conditions, he is advised to contact us within 24 hours.

No Refund Policy

TransferMe is not responsible to refund the deposit or any other fees in the following circumstances.

3. If the negative decision regarding the customer’s case was due to the customer’s own mistake by providing false information/documents to the TransferMe.
2. If the customers would like to end the agreement before TransferMe submitted the customer’s visa application.

Late Payments

If the customer fails to pay the amount he owns us, TransferMe will send a reminder to pay the amount. However, if the customer still fails to do so, TransferMe has a right to appeal to a Small Claim Court, or to a Court, to claim all fees owned by the customer. Note, that TransferMe does not accept any explanations for a reason of payment delay.

Cancellation Policy

The customer has a right to cancel the application within 24 hours. Please allow for up to 30 days for the refund transfer to be completed. All refund request made after a consultation with a case worker has completed will automatically be rejected.


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